Do the Ropes come with any Warranty?

All Infinity Handles come with a 2-year Warranty but unfortunately, we cannot offer any warranty on the Cables.

As you can imagine, with the variety of surfaces that people may jump rope on, it makes it very difficult for us to guarantee the lifespan of a cable. One customer may jump rope on a rough brick driveway, which will wear the cables down much faster than a customer jumping on a smooth rubber gym floor. To extend the lifetime of your jump rope, it's about choosing softer surfaces, like rubber mats/gym floors over harsh surfaces like outdoor areas and concrete.

Whilst the Infinity Series cables have improved coating and can be used in an outdoor environment, the simple fact is that they will last longer on softer surfaces, as any rope would. There's simply no way we can control the life-span of the cable given the various types of surfaces it can and will be used on

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